Energy Safety Canada Fire Watch Training

Learn how to work safely in in flammable environments. 

Price: $159.00/Person


This Fire Watch course is approximately 6 hours in duration and includes an instructor-led PowerPoint presentation, class exercises, videos, use of a fire extinguisher and a written knowledge test.

DESIGNED FOR: Personnel who may work in an flammable environments.

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Rhino Certified Instructor


The learning objectives of this Fire Watch course are to ensure that students demonstrate an understanding of the following:

  • Legislation and Standards as it relates to fire hazards
  • Employer and Worker Responsibilities
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Watch planning
  • Types of Extinguishers, Agents, and Classification
  • Types of Fires, Classifications, and Behaviours
  • Operation of Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Watch Duties


Participants must be physically capable to perform the required exercises to pass the program (e.g., employees not on Workers’ Compensation or light duty).


Upon successful completion of the Live Fire Training and with a passing grade of 80% on the written exam, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion that is valid for three years.

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The Intelligent Training System utilizes patented sensor technology to detect how well a trainee uses theBullEx SmartExtinguisher. I.T.S. can sense if properly aiming and sweeping back and forth across the base of the fire. The four sensors on the I.T.S. unit detect the discharge of compressed air and water from the SmartExtinguisher. The on-board control system then varies the flames in response to the technique being used.

To successfully extinguish the fire, the trainee must aim and sweep the extinguisher across the base of the fire. If the trainee aims below or above the base, the flames will go down, but will not extinguish. If the trainee only aims at one side of the fire, that side will be extinguished while the other side continues to grow. The SmartExtinguisher discharges compressed air and water, eliminating the need to discharge and recharge costly dry chemical or CO2 extinguishers resulting in substantial cost savings.

A trainer’s handheld controller selects the class of fire to demonstrate (A, B, or C) as well as one of four difficulty levels. Once set, the instructor presses and holds the ignition button, and then it’s up to the trainee to actually extinguish the flames. The fire goes out when the trainee uses the proper sweeping technique. If the trainee is unsuccessful, the fire can be extinguished by releasing the ignition button. The flare-up button can be used to instantly reignite the flames at any point, to further challenge trainees. The display on the controller shows the status of the system and how long the trainee took to put out the fire, or if the fire has even been extinguished.

Safety features include an emergency shut-off switch and tilt sensors that automatically shut-off the propane if the system is bumped or set-up improperly.



5X SmartExtinguisher (P/N: SE005XR)

  • Fill with 4 liters of water
  • Pressurize to 100 PSI with compressed air
  • Stand 8ft. from the front of your BullEX™ extinguisher training system when using
  • Discharges five times before requiring a water refill

7X SmartExtinguisher (P/N: SE007XR)

  • Fill with 6 liters of water
  • Pressurize to 100 PSI with compressed air
  • Stand 8ft. from the front of your BullEX™ extinguisher training system when using
  • Discharges seven times before requiring a water refill